There and Back Again, Day 7

Jason speaking about Temporal Design Thinking.

The big moment finally came for me to give my closing keynote. It felt really good, like I was teaching them something that felt true while also being forward thinking. Thanks to everyone who tweeted these pictures of me, and the staff at UX New Zealand for their amazing conference and giving me the opportunity to speak at it.


There and Back Again, Day 6

UX New Zealand 2016

I spent the day at the UX New Zealand event, watching some amazingly inspirational speakers. I was supposed to go out for dinner with some but went back to stow my bag and rest my foot for a few minutes and woke up the next morning!

There and Back Again, Day 5


I visited the Te Papa museum in Wellington. The Gallipoli exhibit was amazing with life-like statues at 3 times human scale. Each of the statues in these pictures are like giants in the room.

There and Back Again, Day 4

Bigger on the inside

We had a great turn-out for my talk at the UX Wellington meetup— sixty folks showed up, and we had a great time. I even got them all to hold hands at one point and sent electricity around!

There and Back Again, Day 1-3(ish)

Panoramic view of the city.

Although it only took me 36 hours to get from Washington DC to Wellington, NZ, I left on Saturday morning and arrived Tuesday afternoon. Must be some of that timey-wimey stuff.


October 02, 2016 at 01:26PM

1 week to New Zealand 

This time next week, I’ll be as far from my birthplace as I have ever been: I’ll be in New Zealand. I’m going speak at the UX (User Experience, for those of you not in the profession) New Zealand conference.

I’m talking about a topic I’ve been doing a lot of research and contemplation about over the last few years:  design thinking. Succinctly put,  design thinking is helping non-designers solve problems using design methods; i.e. Teaching them to think more like designers.

More on that in another post.

I haven’t been keeping up with my personal blog much in the last few years. I initially set it up to talk about my operation, but let it flounder. I’m hoping to change that, and use this blog instead to cross publish to all of my various social media outlets. We’ll see how that works.

Poe Museum

One Year Out

A year ago today, I had my nut cracked open in a vain attempt to remove a tumor from my head. As I write this, 365 days ago I was in the ICU asking my wife if I could have something to drink, how my children were, and if we could go dancing.

The operation failed and I still have the tumor. The good news is that it is not growing, and the operation did have the positive result of stabilizing, if not clearing, my hearing.

I have learned a lot in the last year about life and what’s important. It was not a sudden epiphany that came to me after the operation, but long and some times hard learned wisdom.

But I am thankful for where my journey has brought me and where I hope I am heading.

Immediately, I am heading to San Francisco for a few days for work, but with Tara with me. We plan to spend the nights taking in the sights, and all day Saturday exploring Alcatraz.

This summer, we will be heading with Jocelyn and Dashiel to Barcelona! One of our favorite cities!

I am excited about our future and I thank all of my wonderful friends and family for their support and love this past year.