Friends and loved ones of Jason CranfordTeague, here is the update:

Surgery started at 8:30.

The neurosurgeon just walked out to tell me that while Jason’s life is not in danger, there is a very real curve ball.

The tumor is not attached to the aural nerve primarily. It is attached to the facial nerve.
They will not be able to remove the tumor, as that would mean complete loss of facial nerves and movement on the right side of his face.
They are widening the canal for the tumor and the nerve cluster, so there is less compression.
After he heals from this, we will have to find an acceptable time for the cyberknife surgery, where radiation shrinks the tumor and cuts off blood supply. It is not a great option under normal circumstances, but it is the only option under this 1 in a 1,000 circumstance.

ICU, hospital stay, recovery time still remains the same.

Good thoughts, love, prayers, well wishes, and friendly vibes are all appreciated.

xxoo, Tara