A year ago today, I had my nut cracked open in a vain attempt to remove a tumor from my head. As I write this, 365 days ago I was in the ICU asking my wife if I could have something to drink, how my children were, and if we could go dancing.

The operation failed and I still have the tumor. The good news is that it is not growing, and the operation did have the positive result of stabilizing, if not clearing, my hearing.

I have learned a lot in the last year about life and what’s important. It was not a sudden epiphany that came to me after the operation, but long and some times hard learned wisdom.

But I am thankful for where my journey has brought me and where I hope I am heading.

Immediately, I am heading to San Francisco for a few days for work, but with Tara with me. We plan to spend the nights taking in the sights, and all day Saturday exploring Alcatraz.

This summer, we will be heading with Jocelyn and Dashiel to Barcelona! One of our favorite cities!

I am excited about our future and I thank all of my wonderful friends and family for their support and love this past year.