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2016: The Year of the Bully

A lot has already been made about what a horrible year 2016 has turned out. Looking back, I can see many highs, but many, many, many more lows in 2016. I’m not here to complain. Instead, I want to try to make sense of it all: why was 2016 so bad? There were a lot of […]

The New Role-Model-in-Chief is a Bully

The President of the United States of America serves many critical duties beyond the mere title of the office: chief of state, chief executive, chief diplomat, and commander-in-chief of the military. He (because it has always been a man) also has many unofficial responsibilities: chief of his political party, guardian of the economy, and leader […]

Trump, The Supreme Court, & Abortion

I was talking to a friend of mine at a party the other day who, half-heartedly, admitted to me that he couldn’t stand either of the Presidential candidates, but was voting for Donald Trump because of the supreme court appointments he would make. The subtext was simple: “I’m pro-life and want to overturn Roe v. […]

5 Things I am & am NOT afraid of

5 Things I am not afraid of: ISIS coming into my grocery store and blowing it up. Immigrants raping and stealing. An epidemic of pot smokers. An invasion by China or Russia. Having bureaucrats in Washington appointed by elected politicians decide my healthcare. 5 Things I am afraid of: Not having enough money to pay my […]

There and Back Again, Day 7

The big moment finally came for me to give my closing keynote. It felt really good, like I was teaching them something that felt true while also being forward thinking. Thanks to everyone who tweeted these pictures of me, and the staff at UX New Zealand for their amazing conference and giving me the opportunity […]

There and Back Again, Day 6

I spent the day at the UX New Zealand event, watching some amazingly inspirational speakers. I was supposed to go out for dinner with some but went back to stow my bag and rest my foot for a few minutes and woke up the next morning!

There and Back Again, Day 5

I visited the Te Papa museum in Wellington. The Gallipoli exhibit was amazing with life-like statues at 3 times human scale. Each of the statues in these pictures are like giants in the room.

There and Back Again, Day 4

We had a great turn-out for my talk at the UX Wellington meetup— sixty folks showed up, and we had a great time. I even got them all to hold hands at one point and sent electricity around!

There and Back Again, Day 1-3(ish)

Although it only took me 36 hours to get from Washington DC to Wellington, NZ, I left on Saturday morning and arrived Tuesday afternoon. Must be some of that timey-wimey stuff.