Two Weeks Out

I had my follow-up visit with my neurologist today. Both he and my in-home physical therapist — whom I met with yesterday afternoon — agree that I am coming along nicely. I’m still off–balance, tired, and spacey, but I’m not sure most people could tell the difference. Seriously, Tara and the kids are taking extremely good care of me: helping me up and down stairs, getting me food, taking me to doctor’s appointments and just sitting and keeping me company when I’m awake.

Talking to my neurologist today, though, we’ll take next steps carefully, putting off any decisions until I’m completely recovered. The most obvious option right now is something called the cyber-knife. Since it uses radiation, though, it’s a one time shot, so not something we want to use haphazardly.

This is apparently an extremely rare condition, and, as my neurologist kept saying, there is no playbook for what comes next.

The other great thing that happened today was I got my suture out, and my head feels a lot better. Having your head sewn together with a piece of plastic twine might sound comfortable, but trust me–It isn’t. I even think my hearing improved afterwards, and I know that the whooshing sound in my ear has decreased a lot.

Thank you to all of my friends who have reached out with their support. I appreciate all of you. Especially the ones who sent cookies ;-).

be well, do good work, and keep in touch,

One little hiccup…

Friends and loved ones of Jason CranfordTeague, here is the update:

Surgery started at 8:30.

The neurosurgeon just walked out to tell me that while Jason’s life is not in danger, there is a very real curve ball.

The tumor is not attached to the aural nerve primarily. It is attached to the facial nerve.
They will not be able to remove the tumor, as that would mean complete loss of facial nerves and movement on the right side of his face.
They are widening the canal for the tumor and the nerve cluster, so there is less compression.
After he heals from this, we will have to find an acceptable time for the cyberknife surgery, where radiation shrinks the tumor and cuts off blood supply. It is not a great option under normal circumstances, but it is the only option under this 1 in a 1,000 circumstance.

ICU, hospital stay, recovery time still remains the same.

Good thoughts, love, prayers, well wishes, and friendly vibes are all appreciated.

xxoo, Tara